As a founder-led company we are able to build all our partners businesses as a flagship business

  • Folkspel was looking for a partner who could deliver qualitative growth during the autumn of 2019, we started a collaboration that has now developed into both sales and customer service. The team has been expanded during the course of a year by 400% and we will continue to grow and expand the collaboration during 2020.

  • Hallon launched its new strategy in 2017 to complement its digital sales with telemarketing. They chose Atentel after considering 7 different providers to help them build their telemarketing sales from scratch. Since 2017, we have been consistently delivering to Hallon over 1,000 new customers per month.
    Taking into consideration the high-quality sales and low churn we have been achieving for Hallon, we were given the opportunity to benchmark their web-chat customer service, and during this benchmark we have outperformed on all KPI´s, Average Handling Time, number of tickets resolved, CSAT, and First Time Resolution.

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  • Our partnership with Canal Digital has been flourishing since 2015. Atentel was approached by Canal Digital to help it grow its customer base through telemarketing, whilst ensuring low churn and high quality sales.
    Our proactive approach, strong sales results and focus on quality have allowed Canal Digital to entrust us with other key departments such as their winback line for direct sales and their loyalty sales for their Canal Digital premium sales department. We improved the winback save rate for Canal Digital from its previous partners, from 35% to an average of 65% over the past years.
    Through our strong commitment to deliver excellence, we quickly became a premium partner for Canal Digital, which has resulted in us winning the Sales Leadership Award in 2016 and 2017, the Best Partner Award in 2017, the Best Sales Agent for C More and the Best Sales Agent for OnePlace in 2018.

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  • Bonnierförlagen was looking for a reliable partner that was flexible and hands-on, one with the capacity to scale up quickly, and a partner that could deliver large customer acquisition volumes consistently, month over month. Atentel managed to over-perform on all requirements. Between 2014 – 2018, we delivered over 130,000 customers to Bonnier´s book club, and we quickly became their premium partner and sole partner during 2017 and 2018.

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  • Cabonline was focused on reducing its customer service costs, improving the quality of its service and significantly improving KPI´s such as AHT. Our team delivered a high-quality service at a 35% lower cost than their in-house team in Sweden whilst reducing AHT to 1 minute 9secs from 1 minute 45 secs.

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love us

We are hands on

We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re a founder-led company. Our close-knit and entrepreneurial culture is a rewarding environment for our ambitious team and provides our clients with a true long-term collaborative partnership that allows us to grow together. As a founder-led company we are able to build all our partners business ́s as a Flagship business within Atentel.

We reduce costs

At Atentel we believe in growing together. Once a client signs on the dotted line, we consider ourselves partners and we promise to regard everyone as a flagship client and provide excellent service on a flexible basis. We’re only a call away for both our customers, and theirs.

We are ambitious
& agile

We think big and build small and we’re proud of it. Our managers have a combined experience of over 30 years in customer service, sales and the BPO industry. We combine the know-how of an established global company with the energy and attention of a start-up. This enables us to deliver our clients a “Flagship” solution that many incumbent players can ́t.