We cost
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do more

We allow our clients to realise significant cost efficiencies. That's because we incorporate efficient business procedures and boast a motivated team of customer service experts we support inside the workplace, and out.

Customer Service

Customer Service

At Atentel, what differentiates our customer service from other contact centres is that we have built our omni-channel customer service on top of a sales culture and our sales expertise. This not only allows us to deliver a more proactive customer care service, but it also enables us to monetise inbound calls and drive growth for our clients, which would have otherwise been a lost opportunity.



  • New Customer Acquistion –  Cold Calling
  • Upselling and Cross Selling – On  Existing
  • Anti-Churn
  • Winback
  • Inbound Sales

With a strong track record and expertise in cold-calling, inbound sales, cross-selling and loyalty sales, clients have chosen to use Atentel´s outbound sales department to drive growth, build brands and lower customer acquisition costs. We have assembled a sales management team with a combined experience of over 30 years in sales, leadership and outsourcing in the Nordics. We have married the know-how of the best of both worlds from in-house and out-sourced sales departments to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

Digital marketing solutions

Digital marketing solutions

In line with our vision to develop Atentel into a one-stop shop for our clients, in 2018 we have launched our digital marketing solution supporting our other offerings. Our digital marketing solution offers our clients the option of paying a CPA per sales whilst moving the risk to large publishers who will assume the costs for impressions and clicks. Our clients will have no setup fees, additional cost or tracking costs, just pure CPA. Our digital marketing solution uses all available delivery methods of advertising giving our clients more volume in general, pushing out campaigns to many more channels and clusters than would a standalone Affiliate network.

Meeting bookings - B2B

Meeting bookings - B2B

We deliver qualified face-to-face business meetings with key decision makers in your target market and organisation for effectively generating your next new business opportunity. We save your sales representatives the time spent every day in qualifying and booking potential business opportunities in order for them to focus on closing the deal and increasing their sales conversion rates.

Webchat solutions

We have the infrastructure and expertise to enable an instant messaging support channel between your organisation and customer. A frictionless and efficient interface for dealing with today’s customer concerns.


At Atentel we know how important it is to increase your donor base in order to create a stronger platform to support your cause. By leveraging our strong track-record in cold calling, fundraising and our passion to work on campaigns which positively contribute to society and the world, we will ensure to deliver the necessary donations and donor base whilst safeguarding your brand name to strengthen the support for your cause and organisation.

Client testimonials


"Atentel has quickly shown a positive development and willingness for a mutual win-win. Proactivity combined with increased production volume and low repentance gives me, as the client, a good profitability in the membership recruitment for our book clubs. Atentel is responsive in our dialogue which gives them a good rating for our collaboration, something we really appreciate!"

Tony Mårshans, Partner Manager AT BONNIER

"Atentel is an entrepreneurial company and one of the few partners that maintains the highest quality in all aspects. A company that values ​​long-term thinking and which always strives to be the best in the class. We are impressed by the commitment that leaders and staff contribute and they want Always learn more and develop the business.

Can strongly recommend Atentel as Call Center partner as we are very pleased with both collaboration and results."

Victor Liljeroth, Sales Manager AT CANAL DIGITAL

"I chose to test Atentel in a benchmark against our previous supplier. Atentel got the go-ahead to start a Thursday, Monday week after they went live and already on the first day I had decided on Atentel. Rarely you are treated so professionally Atentel responded to us. Can strongly recommend Atentel."

Frans Simonsson, Sales Manager at hallon

"Atentel showed their flexibility right from the start when they quickly started our collaboration and started helping us right away. Their CPIs proved them quickly were on the track and impressed us quickly!

We have chosen Atentel because they have great will and are a very flexible partner. "

Charlotta Weigel, Partner Manager AT CABONLINE